“Let’s swim to the moon”

we drove between two rainbows, splitting the city in half.
driving until they disappeared, weaving through neighborhoods.
searching for wonder and magic.
manifested portals spit us into the street,
until we arrived in the dark graveyard.
face to face. side by side.
the fireflies blanketed the tombstones, twinkling in the darkness.
we chased the fireflies, frolicking along the treeline.
ready to give up, and then there it was – the friendly firefly landing on you.

this is too unbelievable,
we are but fiction.

i find myself,
lost in thoughts of you,
with a smile on my face.

9×12 watercolors

Copyright © Annalee Jean


it’s the push and the pull

seek and you shall find
or hideout until the sky clears

it’s the

it’s the natural ebb
that demands balance

the pendulum remains in motion
its rhythm forcing the viewer into hypnosis

belief from suggestions
mesmerizing manifestations
spellbound by hope


the pendulum keeps swinging

we hide
and we seek
we sleep
and then we wake up

give in
retract back
pull away

watch as the tide follows the dictation of the moon

a necessary order
mandatory restoration
alignment always finds its way back to center

(i always thought i was the runner)
opposite directions
we ache to venture
who’s chasing who?

you run
i run
i chase
you chase

the tug of what we want and what we fear keeps us strung up satisfied and in submission from our lack of control


Copyright © Annalee Jean

“you’re lost little girl”

i’m losing myself again
in the daydreams
swirling hypotheticals
wrapped in thoughts
imagined possibilities
and reflections of moments’ past

bring me back to earth
don’t let me slip away

the gravity tethers me from ever truly escaping

i think i’ve lost my mind
somewhere between
your calculated words
and the depths of your eyes

your flattery spoken so generously
and again i feel myself float away

I think that you know what to do
Impossible? Yes, but it’s true
I think that you know what to do, girl
I’m sure that you know what to do


Copyright © Annalee Jean

There’s so much pressure when you know someone’s watching – you have to pretend they’re not there.

It could be described as the way my heart feels when I’m around you –
Every valve exploding,
The synapses in my brain misfiring,
All the electrical circuitry lighting up inside.
Your energy is so intense,
When I let myself feel it.

9×12 watercolor 6.26.18

Copyright © Annalee Jean

“Balloons as Disillusion”

To Stay In A State Of Disillusion:

The latex wrapped helium shaped teardrops bounced along the cityline – stringtied by the children’s hands, we risk being let go by their careless fingers, ready to set us free – their small faces with evil grins as they happily watch the balloons disappear into the horizon.

“Balloons as Disillusion”


Copyright © Annalee Jean